The 5 Spots You Must Discover In 2020

The 5 Spots You Must Discover In 2020

The World’s Best Travel Destinations For 2020

Picking the perfect holiday destination is not always an easy decision to make. 5 of the best travel destinations in the world are listed below to help you make a decision.

Brazil – Florianopolis

There is no doubt that this is one of the best places to visit during your holiday travel. It is the capital of the province of Santa Catarina, and is located right alongside the coast of the Atlantic. This impressive city features unspoiled nature, dazzling white sand and tranquil, beautiful beaches for you to enjoy.

Machu Picchu – Peru

One of the most renowned historical locations on earth The area is filled with the history of the native Indians, the explorers and the early Spanish colonists. The hidden temples, including Machu Picchu City, is the city’s main attraction. This city is no myth or legend, but is in fact a real place. It was built by the Inca during the fifteenth century, and is found between two mountain peaks in the Andes at an impressive altitude of 2340 meters. Hiram Bingham, and American explorer, discovered this place in 1911 and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Number 3: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

There are few cities in the world that are as exciting as Rio de Janeiro. Tourists have recently been piling into Rio de Janeiro in order to see all of its famous landmarks and feel the local culture. Whether you have a love for festivals, adore dancing, or simply want to lie in the sun – you can find it all in Rio. Go to the famous Copacabana beach and take photos of yourself in front of the statue of Cristo Redentor at the top of the Corcovado Mountain.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay

The Iguazu Falls are located at the border of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, and are thought to be one of the natural wonders of the world. The legendary Iguazu Falls are a width of 2.7 kilometers. About 80% of the falls are located on the Argentinian side of the border and most of the remaining 20% are in Brazil. They are the second largest waterfall in the world, second only to Niagara Falls in the United States. A major draw for tourists in all three of the countries that border them, you can take a boat tour to get as close as possible to these magnificent falls.

Journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is very unique and there is no place like it, and this is mainly due to the cultures that are found there. It is found on the shores of the La Plata River; it is known for its busy nightlife. Local cafes located in the city and the very first government building are just a couple of places that every traveler should take the time to visit in this area. The President of the Republic resides in a pink house, which many visitors enjoy seeing as well. Florida Street, one of the main streets in Buenos Aires, offers many shopping and eating opportunities, hence recognized as the most important street in he city. Or you can visit the final resting place of the famous Jose de San Martin, at the cemetary of the Cathedral of Mitropolten.


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